Animal Health
Great selection.   Fast turnaround.   Cost savings.

This is our value proposition and something veterinarians and their patients can expect from HealthSource Specialty Pharmacy.

HealthSource offers dedicated services that are tailored around the needs of veterinarians and their patients. We provide veterinarians with specialty pharmaceuticals and skilled compounding services which allows us to customize a medication to the needs of the patient.

Some of the common services we offer include;
  • Customizing medication strengths to the need of the patient.
  • Flavoring medication to the taste preference of the patient.
  • Formulate easy to administer forms of medication Whether it is a liquid, a chewable tablet, or a transdermal gel, our compounding pharmacists are experts in designing a product that is ideal for the patient.
  • We compound manufactured discontinued, and/or long term back ordered products.
In addition to expert clinical support and compounding expertise, HealthSource Specialty Pharmacy offers the following animal health focused specialized services:
  • Pharmacists specially trained to provide assistance to veterinarians and their patients
  • Low Competitive prices every day
  • Fast turnaround, including nationwide delivery
  • Clinical pharmacist support seven days a week
  • Extensive selection of products, including discontinued products. We only stock pharmaceutical-grade chemicals purchased from FDA-registered wholesalers.
We look forward to the opportunity to serve veterinarians, their staff, and the patients they serve.

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