Since 2001 HealthSource Specialty Pharmacy has offered a significant value proposition to patients who require fertility medications. Through superior customer service and a commitment to cost-effective pharmaceutical care, HealthSource Specialty Pharmacy has become a preferred provider for fertility medications.

There are several critical factors that patient's should expect from a pharmacy that specializes in Fertility Medications. The critical factors include:

Medications Always in Stock
Patients who undergo fertility treatment require specialty medications at a moment's notice. It is critical that a pharmacy has the medication the patient needs at the moment they need it. HealthSource Specialty Pharmacy stocks a full spectrum of fertility medications that are prescribed in sufficient quantities to fill a prescription fully.

Competitive Low Prices
Some fertility medications can be expensive. The purchasing power of our pharmacies allows us to pass on the discounts we attain on medications to our customers. Our prices are substantially lower than most national chains, big box stores, and independent pharmacies. We invite you to compare our prices and experience why HealthSource Specialty Pharmacy has become a preeminent destination for patients who need low competitive prices to attain their fertility medications.

Free Insurance Advocacy and Screening
Insurance companies sometimes require additional information before they will pay for fertility medications. Our pharmacists are specially trained to work with physicians and payers to assist our patients in gaining optimal coverage. We will do everything necessary to make sure our patients utilize their benefits optimally and fully. Our patients can rest assured that we will always verify their insurance eligibility and explain their prescription benefits fully.

Direct Insurance Billing
HealthSource is contracted with hundreds of payers. Our vast network allows us to bill insurance companies directly. Through direct billing, we are able to reduce our patients out of pocket costs and the unnecessary hassle of submitting claims themselves.

Express Delivery
Attaining the correct fertility medication at the time it is needed is critical for patients to attain positive outcomes. At HealthSource we offer expedited delivery services to patients undergoing fertility treatment. We are able to offer same day delivery for patients who live in New York City, and we will ship overnight, usually free of charge, to patients who reside anywhere in the United States.

Knowledgeable Staff and Superior Service
Our pharmacists and clinical staff are fully aware that going through fertility treatment can be stressful. From the moment our patients contact us they will experience superior customer service and patient support. Our specialized team of fertility trained pharmacists, patient care coordinators and insurance specialists coordinate every aspect of our patients' medication therapy. Certified fertility pharmacists are available to answer questions from patients and practitioners seven days a week with extended operating hours for our patients convenience.

We invite you to upgrade to a better pharmacy experience and see firsthand why HealSource is the preeminent destination for patients who need fertility medications.

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