Many transplant regimens are complex. Taking medications as prescribed continues to be one of the key elements to preventing organ rejection. HealthSource Specialty Pharmacy works with patients and physicians to help educate the patient on proper medication regimens and develop solutions to ensure proper medication adherence. Constant and effective communication is critical among healthcare providers and the patient and their caregivers.

HealthSource pharmacists have extensive experience working successfully with patients to manage the daily challenges of their medications. Our pharmacist work to communicate timely information to the patient and answer questions that help patients manage their drug regimens and be cognizant of any potential side effects. Our pharmacist are effective in customizing medication schedules that fit the needs of the patient and their lifestyle. Through participation, education, and patient focused tools our pharmacists help ensure that our patients can manage and integrate their complex drug regimens into their daily routines.

Our pharmacists also recognize that reimbursement for medications is sometimes a roadblock to helping patients adhere to their medication therapy. HealthSource has a staff of billing specialists that assist patients with their reimbursement issues. We help patients maximize their insurance benefits including Medicare Part B if applicable, and we work with private insurers and local organizations to help attain the resources our patients need to maintain their critical drug regimen.

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